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Find out how people from all around the world are improving their health with AMV Nutrition Coaching. Escape the confines of unhealthy eating habits, and realize your complete wellness potential with just a minimal investment of time and effort!

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Anna-Maria Volanaki has helped hundreds of people on their nutrition journey using a mix of science, education, coaching, and technology to reach their wellness goals quickly.

When you join AMV Nutrition, you'll have Anna-Maria Volanaki, a certified sports nutritionist, teacher, and pro Nutrition Coach, as your guide.

She'll provide timely advice, answer your food questions, and give you personalized resources based on your needs and health. This special membership gives you exclusive access to Anna-Maria's unique Nutrition Coaching method, which has worked wonders for many clients over her 10+ years of experience. You'll see quick and impressive results with this approach.

How Can I Overcome Nutritional Plateaus and Progress?

Many people interested in nutrition often have common questions like, 'What diet should I try next?' or 'When will I feel more energetic?' or 'How can I make my meals more balanced?'

Finding answers online can be overwhelming and take away the joy of eating healthily!

Trying to improve your nutrition alone can be frustrating, especially when you do NOT have someone to give you personalized advice for your specific needs and well-being.

Do any of these commonplace nutritional experiences resonate with you?

None of these problems exist when you're part of the Premier AMV Nutrition Coaching.

As a member, you'll get CLEAR FEEDBACK on the diets you try, so you'll know what's working and what's not (and how to fix it if it's not working). You'll always understand what's important and how to make the most of the information you get. But I'll explain more about these benefits in a moment...

A few words by the founder of AMN Nutrition, Anna-Maria Volanaki

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Hello and welcome to AMV Nutrition Coaching!

Greetings, I'm Anna-Maria Volanaki, and I'm here to ignite your journey towards a healthier, more vibrant you! With degrees from both Oxford Brookes University and the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, I've honed my expertise in sports nutrition and exercise science.

My heart beats for empowering people like you to embrace healthier lifestyles.
Picture this: a life where you're in control, armed with knowledge about nutrition, savvy in the kitchen, well-hydrated, and invigorated by exercise.

But I'm not just a scientist; I'm also a certified yoga instructor. I know firsthand that flexibility, both in body and mind, can unlock the door to a more fulfilling existence. Through my journey, I've partnered with various companies, delving into the science of nutrition and sharing my wisdom through blogs rooted in cutting-edge research.

I've dedicated nearly 10 years of my life to the world of nutrition coaching, and during this time, I've had the privilege of guiding countless people towards discovering their unique path to better health and the best versions of themselves. You see, I've been exactly where you are right now. I understand the journey because I've walked it myself.

I became the mentor I wished I had when I embarked on my own quest for a healthier life.

I'm on a mission, and that mission is YOU. I'm here to help you become the very best version of yourself. Are you ready to rise to the challenge and embrace your vitality? Let's do this together!

Introducing AMN Nutrition

Join AMN Nutrition and Get Expert Guidance with Proven Success:

Most people think that...

...are the most important things to improve their nutrition.

While these things do matter, many people do them automatically.

But, let's take a closer look: Do all the people who do these things actually succeed in their nutrition goals?

In all likelihood, not everyone...

What's the real secret behind the success of top nutrition experts?

Think about this: What made Plato and Aristotle the most famous philosophers in history?

Socrates, the first philosopher, was Plato's mentor, and Plato mentored Aristotle. See the pattern? If you haven't figured it out yet, here's the secret: having a mentor.

To be even more specific, it's the power of coaching!

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The heart of coaching is all about:

Who's This Program For?

BUSY INDIVIDUALS WITH HECTIC LIFESTYLES – This program is tailor-made for you!
We hold great admiration for those juggling demanding schedules and still have a fervor for maintaining a balanced nutritional lifestyle! This approach is designed for people with bustling routines who aspire to enhance their nutritional habits but lack the time, expertise, or know-how to achieve it. AMV Nutrition provides a comprehensive and precise roadmap, outlining the essential steps to embrace for achieving the dietary goals you've always aimed for!

YOUNG HEALTH ENTHUSIASTS – We've walked that path too!
Understanding the awe-inspiring journey of gazing up to accomplished nutritionists at the outset of your health quest, I acknowledge your drive. Transforming into a proficient nutrition-conscious individual demands dedication, enthusiasm, diligent effort, and a mentor. Every triumphant person has, at some point, benefited from a guiding hand. The AMV Nutrition will steer you toward your aspirations of becoming a future authority in the realm of nutrition.

STRESSED DIETITIANS AND NUTRITIONISTS – I've aided many, let me assist you!
For those whose livelihood involves guiding others through dietary choices, the significance of mentorship cannot be overstated. Allow my coaching methodology to become your concealed asset, enhancing your consultation skills by reinforcing your knowledge base and untangling any instructional blunders. Furthermore, you'll acquire techniques to boost productivity and foster a stress-free professional journey!

What clients say about AMV Nutrition

Anna Maria is amazing! She can help everyone improve their daily eating habits. She has the ability to put healthy and delicious recipes in the diet plan!!! She is always there for anything anyone needs!!! Anna-Maria now I have a healthy mentality and the reason is you!

-Irini (13 November 2022)

Totally recommended! Anna-Maria is an exceptional professional and a really nice person. She adapted every plan to my needs giving me priceless advice not only how to lose weight but most important how to adopt a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.

- Nadia (22 November 2022)

Anna Maria is an amazing professional that adjusted everything I asked and managed to create an amazing plan for my needs. I never felt hunger and most importantly my energy levels rised!!

- Stathis (27 October 2022)

Anna Maria is the best!! Excellent work with food options and amazing results. 100%

- Marianna (27 October 2022)

Excellent professional!! My plan had many tasteful options and I've never feel hungry. Moreover, she provides me also the recipes to prepare my meals.

- Sofia (27 October 2022)

The best.. Anna Maria cares about you and helps you understand the importance of healthy eating, creates a program that fits your needs..

- Aspa (27 October 2022)

Feel free to reach out and inquire about any questions you might have.

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