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Your Fitness Assessment


Complete the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)

personal training

Anna-Maria will run with you an initial health assessment and then she will develop a personalized exercise plan, based on your needs.
The aim is to see improvement on your energy levels, strength, endurance and flexibility, concentration and overall skills.

Nutrition Coaching

Anna-Maria has worked with a variety of individuals from amateurs to professional level athletes, e.g. runners, cyclists, swimmers, artistic swimmers, football and basketball players, tennis players and weight lifters.
She considers it very important to establish healthier habits and have a better life quality and she supports every individual with every small step he/she decides to do.

Nutritional analysis

Anna-Maria is a registered sports nutritionist (SENr, INDI, Practitioner Registrant), she has also received the Advanced Recipe Calculation certificate by Nutritics, and she has exceptional experience by working for the website of the famous chef Akis Petretzikis (, where she calculated the nutritional analysis for over 8000 recipes for the chef's website, restaurants, books and magazines. She can help your company or your chefs create healthier and more plant-based or Mediterannean based recipes and can help you educate appropriately your employees and your customers.

Customer reviews

These people think we’re awesome. The feeling is mutual!

The best.. Anna Maria cares about you and helps you understand the importance of healthy eating, creates a program that fits your needs..
- Aspa (27 October 2022)
Totally recommended! Anna-Maria is an exceptional professional and a really nice person. She adapted every plan to my needs giving me priceless advice not only how to lose weight but most important how to adopt a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.
- Nadia (22 November 2022)
Anna Maria is an amazing professional that adjusted everything I asked and managed to create an amazing plan for my needs. I never felt hunger and most importantly my energy levels rised!!
- Stathis (27 October 2022)