Anna-Maria has worked with a variety of individuals from amateurs to professional level athletes, e.g. runners, cyclists, swimmers, artistic swimmers, football and basketball players, tennis players and weight lifters. She has also persuaded individuals to start a more active lifestyle and to do their first steps in fitness and nutrition, under her guidance. Her aim is to help everyone improve his/her performance, wellness, vitality and health by changing a few of his/her nutrition and fitness habits. She considers it very important to establish healthier habits and have a better life quality and she supports every individual with every small step he/she decides to do. Anna-Maria will educate you on:

  1. How to read and understand the food labels,
  2. How to make a complete meal which contains all the macronutrients (complex carbohydrates, lean protein, good fats, fruits and veggies),
  3. How to change your favorite recipe and make it in its healthier version,
  4. What a healthy weight is and what health at every size means,
  5. How you should put SMART goals and achieve them,
  6. How to eat before, during and after exercise,
  7. How to rehydrate yourself during the day, before, during and after exercise,
  8. How to follow a balanced Mediterranean, flexitarian or plant-based lifestyle and how not to follow express FAD diets,
  9. How to make healthier food options when shopping,
  10. How to improve your fitness levels,
  11. How you reduce your sugar cravings,
  12. How to have better digestion,
  13. How to increase muscular mass,
  14. How to improve energy and satiation levels,
  15. How to increase vegetable and salad consumption, and
  16. How to make all these changes a way of living, have consistency, and achieve and master your vitality!

Anna-Maria is always keen to arrange a 10 min free discovery call with you, so you can understand the way she works and see if you can start woking together.