Nutritional analysis or otherwise known as nutritional table, nutritional values or the caloric and macronutient analysis of your food, has been more widespread recently. Nutritional analysis is usally required by chefs and restaurants in order to help them offer to their customers a better quality food along with good flavor. You have possibly noticed that all the products in the super market do have the nutritional values/tables, and they provide all the required information regarding the macronutrients and the ingredients they contain. The FDA made nutritional analysis compulsory in May 2018 to every restaurant chain which has 20 or more locations and which has similar food establisments. If you have a restaurant or a co-orporate business and you consider adding the nutritional analysis to your foods-plates, there are definitely some good reasons why you should do this.

  1. It will help your customers or employees to make more informed-healthier choices.
  2. If you decide to add the nutritional symbols e.g. vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, dairy free, sugar free or low sugars, egg free, nuts free on your menus, it will help your customers-employees to choose the food based on their needs and to avoid any allergic reactions. By having the symbols, it is definitely a good way to help people understand what the food they are going to eat contains.
  3. It can help people who suffer from a medical condition and want to choose foods which contain less saturated fats, sugars and salt.
  4. If you are a restaurant-hotel owner you should know that by providing the nutritional analysis of your menu, it shows that you provide an exceptional service and that you care more about human's health and the environment.
  5. It can help the customers to understand how much they should eat of a portion.

Anna-Maria is a registered sports nutritionist (SENr, INDI, Practitioner Registrant), she has also received the Advanced Recipe Calculation certificate by Nutritics, and she has exceptional experience by working for the website of the famous chef Akis Petretzikis (, where she calculated the nutritional analysis for over 8000 recipes for the chef's website, restaurants, books and magazines. She can help your company or your chefs create healthier and more plant-based or Mediterannean based recipes and can help you educate appropriately your employees and your customers. Your menu can analytically have all the required nutritional information along with all the nutrition symbols which are requested by you.