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5 Health Benefits of Healthy Exercise Every Day

Have you ever thought how many benefits a daily workout before or after work can offer to your mind, body, health and wellbeing? Do you want to improve your immunity and feel full of energy when you wake up in the morning? The truth is that working full time and possibly having a family to take care of, makes things more complicated – we end up spending less time for ourselves and especially for things like exercise. If you consider though all the health benefits that daily exercise can offer to yourself and your loved ones, you will definitely spend at least half an hour of your day to an activity.

  1. Boost weight loss: Daily exercise can speed up the metabolism and help you manage your body weight better than just following a controlled diet, as the metabolism will keep working even when you are at rest. As you imagine working out every day will help you burn more calories and keep your metabolism activated. Keeping a good physique and looking good will help you do more things with your families and it will also make you happier.
  2. Releases stress: Daily exercise is the best way to release stress and help you control your anxiety. When you exercise the body produces hormones, endorphins which can actually have positive effects on the brain and body and help release stress. They give a feeling of euphoria, which can help improve psychology and make you feel happier. Exercise is also fun and it’s something you can do with your family and enjoy all together.
  3. Help with different diseases: The WHO recommends that 30 min of exercise five times a week moderate intensity can help improve endurance levels and at the same time reduce blood pressure, improve good cholesterol HDL, decrease bad cholesterol LDL, improve heart function, reduce stroke, diabetes and colon / breast cancer (1). In other words a little bit of exercise on a daily basis will make you live healthier and longer.
  4. Reduce back pain: The NHS spends billions of pounds every year to help people with back problems. Sitting long hours and especially in front of a laptop can make the posture become worse every day and provoke lots of back pains and stiffness. When you exercise the back muscles and you do a bit of stressing mainly after your workout, it can help improve your posture, avoid back injuries and strengthen your back muscles (1).
  5. Improve energy levels: Another very important point is that a daily workout will increase your energy levels and may boost your libido and sex life. When you exercise you improve your stamina levels and you actually become stronger. This combination and the fact that exercise can help release stress will have great effects on the body and hormonal balance, to the point that may help improve sexual health and most important quality of life (2).

You need to look at exercise as a necessity of your daily routine which will help you top up your batteries, improve your health and make you smile every day! Before you start on a regular basis check with your doctor in case you have any injuries or any diseases.


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